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10 Bachelor Villains Who Don’t Deserve The Hate

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Part of the fun of watching a show like The Bachelor is finding out which lady will be the newest villain, sparking drama and causing mischief in ways that make the reality series one of our all-time favorites (and surely the reason it’s still rolling out new seasons and spawning new spin-offs). But not all of the show’s villains truly deserve the backlash that’s often directed at them. This time around, let’s give the ladies the benefit of a doubt and assume that these particular 10 romance reality TV contestants really didn’t deserve the hate they viciously received.

10. Olivia Caridi

Olivia Caridi was clearly marked as the villain of Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, in large part due to the fact that she could rarely manage – or was simply unwilling to – keep her mouth shut (which, frankly, gifted us with one of the most classic Bachelor gifs of all time, so thank you very much, Olivia!). She also didn’t win over any fans when she went after mama-of-two Amanda Stanton, with Caridi attempting to harshly drag her rival by comparing Stanton to someone who might appear on Teen Mom. *sigh* Though, we’ll try to overlook (and perhaps even excuse?) her scandal-sparking ways with the knowledge that Caridi had to quit her job as a news anchor in order to appear on the reality series, so maybe all of her villainous ways were just an attempt to make her time on The Bachelor worth the sacrifice.

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9. Lace Morris

Lace Morris was another villain who popped up during Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor (yep, the dude scored an, er, stellar line up of ladies if scandal-stirring women are your kind of thing) and managed to make her mischievous mark by drinking a little too much wine, demanding Higgins make proper eye contact with her, while also (emphatically and seemingly unendingly) telling the fella that she wasn’t crazy. While Morris’ scenes were sometimes almost too cringe-worthy to watch, she ultimately found love with (and got engaged to) Bachelor in Paradise alum Grant Kemp (Grant + Lace = Grace… remember?). While their relationship has since fizzled out and their engagement is off, we have to wonder if Morris is really as in-your-face as she seemed, or if it was just the on-screen situation that cast her in an unflattering light at times.

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