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10 Best And Worst Fan Theories From TV’s Most Popular Shows

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Many movies and television shows have thrown fans for a loop with shocking twists and turns that no one saw coming. Along the way, some things, both big and small, have raised questions and many of them haven’t been answered, leaving it up to the fans to create their own theories and conclusions. All major shows and films have been subjected to fan theories that range from completely to ridiculous to actually mind-blowing, so here are 10 of the best and worst fan theories from some of TV’s biggest series:

10. Best: The Big Bang Theory

There have been quite a few fan theories to come out over The Big Bang Theory’s 10th season, and many of them are completely ludicrous, including one that suggest Bernadette is a robot built by Howard. There are others, however, that make more sense, and one of the most popular is that the color of Sheldon’s shirt indicates his mood for the episode or at that time. Through all 10 seasons, the wardrobe of all the main characters has remained fairly simple, and Sheldon usually dons solid colored T-Shirts usually in reference to a superhero. The theory suggest that green means courage, yellow is fear, blue is hope, and red is anger. This is a fairly simplistic theory and does work out for many episodes, but not for all.

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9. Worst: Full House

For those who grew up watching the iconic ’90s series Full House, one of its most popular fan theories is completely earth shattering. The theory is simple: Danny Tanner is not the biological father of his three daughters, and what makes it worse is that the theory states the real father is Uncle Joey. Those who support this say that the chance of the dark haired and dark eyed having three blonde children with Pam who was blonde is highly unlikely, but it is much more likely for two blonde people — Joey and Pam. They also argue that it makes it much more likely that Joey would give up so much of his life to help raise his best friend’s kids if they were actually his. Of course, this theory destroys the innocent and family oriented nature of the show, and others argue Full House was never one to strive for plot consistency and probably never cared that it was unlikely that Pam and Danny would have three blonde children.

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