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10 Best Young And The Restless Actors

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A leading actor on a soap opera generally encompasses certain characteristics. Some are handsome, most are strong and a few are quite powerful. Behind all of the best characters on The Young and the Restless (Y&R) is an amazing actor who brings them to life. Undoubtedly, there’s no shortage of talented actors on The Young and the Restless and many have literally stolen the show on this daytime drama over the years. They have made us laugh, cry and wooed leading ladies along the way. Below is a list of top 10 Y&R actors that have graced the land of Genoa City.

10. Michael Muhney

Also referred to as ‘Adam Newman #2,’ when Muhney departed from the Y&R in late 2013 many fans were outraged. Many rumors circulated about his exit saying that Muhney didn’t get along with on-screen dad, Eric Braeden. Then it was alleged that Muhney simply was outspoken on set, but in reality we don’t know what happened behind closed doors. Other rumors circulated (and were never verified) that Muhney got the ax because he sexually harassed fellow co-star Hunter King (Summer Newman). As always, there has to be some drama on and off the screens when it comes to soaps. One thing that cannot be denied is the fact that Michael Muhney was a true talent that owned the Adam Newman character from the get-go. Muhney received a Lead Actor Daytime Emmy nomination in 2013.

Helga Esteb /

Helga Esteb /


9. Justin Hartley

Speaking of Adam Newman, when Muhney stepped away from Y&R, fans and soap opera bloggers alike speculated on the fate of Adam. Muhney dug his footprints deep within the character and a recast might have been an epic fail. Enter: Justin Hartley. Not only did he portray Adam to a ‘tee’, he finally turned him into the hero he was meant to be. Entering the role in 2014, Hartley received a Lead Actor Daytime Emmy nod in 2016. Unfortunately, Hartley has moved on from Adam and the Y&R and recently jumped over to primetime as a series regular in the new show, This Is Us. While it seems Adam is dead, there is always room for a return … nobody really dies on soaps, right? Maybe someday Hartley will return? Maybe Muhney will make an appearance? Or maybe a recast? With Hartley as the last Adam Newman to date, this actor will have some mighty big shoes to fill.



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