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10 Biggest Celebrity Comebacks Of 2017

By / Published on Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017 11:02 AM / No Comments / 16 views

This year was a pretty big year in Hollywood. Album releases, new movies and new TV shows led to a lot of stars re-entering the spotlight and fans were more than happy to welcome them back. Some stars opt to take breaks from the spotlight, while others struggle to find that next big role, but when they do, their return is amazing. Here are the 10 biggest celebrity comebacks of 2017:

10. Ed Sheeran

Singer Ed Sheeran was launched into the spotlight back in 2011 with his debut album + (Plus) and he quickly fell into the life of touring, making appearances and writing music. After some very busy years, Sheeran surprised everyone when he announced he was going to be taking a year-long break from the spotlight as well as his social media accounts. Then, after what seemed like a very long break, Sheeran re-emerged in 2017 with his third album Divide, and his comeback was huge. The album debuted at number one in the UK, US, Germany, Australia, and Canada just to name a few, and had the biggest first week of sales of any album of the year at that point. Sheeran later admitted that his 2016 hiatus had to do with a dark path of substance abuse that fame was leading him down, so 2017 really was a big fresh start for the star.

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9. Miley Cyrus

To be fair, Miley Cyrus never really went anywhere, but she certainly had a comeback of sorts in 2017. In 2016, Cyrus took a break from releasing music after her 2015 album and she laid low while she reignited her romance with Liam Hemsworth. In 2017, however, she was done lying low and she began talking more and more about her relationship, but more importantly released her highly-anticipated sixth album Younger Now. The album saw a comeback of a more calm Miley with a much different feel than her Bangerz and Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz albums. Not to mention, the superstar revealed she had stopped smoking marijuana and was presenting a much cleaner image than the “wild child” she was starting to become known as.

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