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10 Child Stars Who Did Surprising Things After Leaving Hollywood

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Having a long and successful career in Hollywood isn’t unheard of, but it is especially rare for child stars to continue on in the business. While many see the big roles fade away as they grow older but cling to fame, others choose to just get out of the business all together and go on to take on new jobs and lead completely different lives. The fall from the spotlight is sometimes not graceful, but these former child stars had no problem readjusting even if met doing something unique and very unexpected! Here are 10 child stars who did surprising things after leaving Hollywood:

10. Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar is still very popular, but her fame has never risen to the same heights that it reached when she starred as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years from 1988-1993. The young, talented actress endeared audiences with ease, and while she didn’t completely cut herself off from Hollywood, she definitely slowed down her career after the iconic role to focus on her personal life and education, leading to some interesting new avenues for the star. Following the show, McKellar attended UCLA where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and graduated summa cum laude in 1998. As an undergrad she co-authored a scientific paper and has gone on to write four of her own books designed to get children interested in math and to help them understand the concepts.

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9. Daryl Sabara

These days, many don’t recognize the name Daryl Sabara, but back in 2001 he was one of the most popular child stars after starring in the hit film Spy Kids as Juni Cortez. Sabara went on to reprise the role in the Spy Kids sequels and while he also didn’t exactly leave Hollywood, he was quickly forgotten after the popularity of the films faded. While he has stuck to voice acting in animated series such as Ultimate Spider-Man and Ben 10, many were surprised when he started making headlines again, but not for his work. Now, Daryl Sabara is 25 years old and is best known as the boyfriend to popular singer Meghan Trainor!


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