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10 Movie Stars Caught Cheating With Their Costars

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Cheating is always dangerous territory when it comes to relationships, but especially in the world of Hollywood where every misstep makes headlines and is plastered across tabloids. Many popular actors and actresses recognize that an on-screen romance is highly separate from their own private life, but there have been more than a few instances where these boundaries have been blurred, often despite relationships and marriages! Follow along below for 10 movie stars who were caught cheating on their partner with a costar:

10. Billy Crudup & Claire Danes

Before his acclaimed roles in Eat Pray Love, The Good Shepherd and Watchmen, Billy Crudup was most famous for his reported affair with Claire Danes while filming Stage Beauty. At the time, Crudup was married to Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker, who was seven months pregnant. Crudup and Danes reportedly began sneaking around and were eventually caught in the midst of an affair, which led to Crudup splitting from his wife to pursue the new relationship. The new couple went on to date for four years but eventually split as well. Danes is now married to Hugh Dancy, whom she met and started dating while they were filming Evening in 2007. The timeline of this relationship overlaps with the dates of her relationship with Crudup, which adds yet another layer of complication to this affair.

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9. Russell Crowe & Meg Ryan

Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan have quite diverse reputations in Hollywood — while Crowe is often considered one of Hollywood’s “bad boys,” Ryan was often dubbed one of America’s sweethearts. Ryan’s reputation may not be as clean as it seems though, especially after news surfaced of the affair she had with her costar Russell Crowe while filming Proof of Life. At the time, she was married to actor Dennis Quaid, but when the affair came to surface Quaid filed for divorce and ended their 10-year marriage.

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