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10 Pop Stars Who Made A Successful Comeback

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The music industry is a very fickle place. The rise to the top is fast, but it the success can fade even faster. Pop stars are a dime a dozen, so it’s nearly impossible to carve out a permanent place in the industry. It takes a lot of hard work, consistency, and of course, a loyal fan base. We’ve seen many artists disappear, but there have also been a few special stars who’ve managed to take their time away from the spotlight and claw their way back to the top! Here’s a list of 10 pop stars who’ve made a successful comeback!

10. Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch is best known for her music in the early 2000s when she released her two top-selling albums, The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper. In 2005 she joined forces with fellow musician Jessica Harp to form the band The Wreckers, but their union didn’t last long. They separated in 2007, but not before they released their Grammy nominated single, “Leave the Pieces.” Afterwards, she continued to write and perform, and even teased fans of a release date for what was supposed to be her fourth studio album called West Coast Time, but it kept being pushed back until finally she abandoned the project to work on a whole new album titled Hopeless Romantic which was released in April 2017. It’s her first new album in 14 years!

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9. Spice Girls

This English pop group goes down in history as one of the best selling female pop groups of all time, so when they announced an indefinite hiatus in 2000, fans were absolutely devastated. Thankfully their time apart didn’t last long, and they announced plans to reunite for a worldwide tour in 2007. The tour was a huge success. More dates had to be continuously added as tickets sold out within minutes and even seconds in some cases! The tour ended in 2008 and while they have never released any new singles since touring and performing together again, they have made many public appearances as a group and proved to the world that, no matter how much time goes by, the Spice Girls will always be able to make a successful comeback!


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