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10 Soap Opera Villains Who Will Come Back From The Dead in 2018

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No one is ever really dead in the land of daytime drama and villains seem to have nine lives when to comes to soap opera returns. Whether they have died from illness, a shooting, strangulation, or an accident — villains can always pop up at any time to help thicken a plot or create a swerve for our soap opera heroes. Sheila Carter recently returned from the dead on the Bold and Beautiful this year, but daytime drama audiences still can’t help but wonder which villain will come back next year? Below are 10 soap opera villains who could come back from the dead in 2018.

10. DOOL’s Orpheus

Orpheus was a huge villain on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) in the late 1980s and made a big return in 2016 along with fellow convicts Xander Cook and Clyde Weston. The trio caused chaos in Salem when they escaped prison and sought revenge on DOOL’s top heroes and heroines. The storyline was captivating and as we all know, Days loves to dig into their history vault when it comes to plot twists. Without any bonafide villains tormenting the town’s residents as of late, a returning Orpheus would make things very interesting. Plus, he’s not only known by older fans of the show but a new generation of viewers as well, thanks to his recent stint. Orpheus was shot and declared dead by paramedics in 2016, but we all know DOOL writers can be very creative when it comes to resurrecting characters.

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9. GH’s Stavros Cassadine

The Cassadine family is deeply rooted within General Hospital’s (GH) history and is known for their age-old vendetta against The Spencer family. They are also infamous for coming back to life, time and time again. Stavros Cassadine is the son of Helena, who also has a huge obsession with Laura and Lulu Spencer. The last time GH viewers saw Starvos was dead on the floor in 2014, but with the recent controversy around Charlotte’s paternity, Valentin Cassadine, and Lulu’s stolen embryos, a returning Stavros could cause some chaos between a now-settled blended family. What if it turned out that Stavros was Charlotte’s dad after all? This could create an interesting plot twist.


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