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10 Things You Didn’t Know About ’13 Going On 30′

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The cute and quirky rom com 13 Going on 30 won the hearts of everyone back in 2004 when sweetheart Jennifer Garner took on the endearing lead role of Jenna Rink. The film follows the life of a 13-year old preteen in the awkward phases of growing up and who wishes to become “thirty, flirty and thriving.” Luckily, with the help of some magic fairy dust, her wish is granted! The story follows Jenna as she becomes everything she ever wanted and comes to face the harsh reality that the future she was chasing may not be the life she truly wants. Although you’ve likely seen this film many times since it’s release, there are still many details and behind-the-scenes secrets that you may not know! Follow along for 10 things you likely didn’t know about 13 Going On 30:

10. The Poise article that 13-year old Jenna reads is significant

At the age of 13, young Jenna is pictured reading an article that uses the cover headline, “Thirty, Flirty & Thriving: Why the 30s are the best years of your life,” in Poise magazine. The article shows a mature woman living in a polished apartment. A fact viewers may have overlooked is that the apartment pictured in the article is actually the exact same apartment that Jenna would go on to live in when the film jumps to her life at age 30!

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9. Jennifer Garner and Judy Greer are good friends in real life

Although on screen Jennifer Garner and Judy Greer’s characters are enemies, their relationship is actually quite different in real life! The duo are real-life friends and were friendly costars while they worked on the film together. Greer was even recorded gushing over Garner in a red carpet interview. “She’s so sweet and open and she never complains,” Greer dished on Garner’s work habits. The two have also been spotted on various lunch dates and causal outings together and even went on to work alongside each other for a second time on the film Men, Women & Children.

Source: Everett Collection

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