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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bruce Willis

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Bruce Willis is an iconic actor who has starred in some of the biggest action films in the past few decades. After being in the industry for well over three decades, he has lived much of his life in the spotlight and gained a large and passionate fanbase over those many years. Despite his incredible career and time at the top of Hollywood’s A-list, there is still a lot about the star that many of his fans do not know! Check out 10 things you never knew about Bruce Willis:

10. Video Game Star

Bruce Willis has had a lot of accomplishments over the course of his notable career in Hollywood, and he can also add being the first star to ever “act” in a video game. After starring Armageddon, Willis was offered the chance at appearing in the video game Apocalypse on the Sony PlayStation. He was originally supposed to be the main character’s sidekick but instead he got the leading role. No actor before had ever done the voice work and had their likeness and movements digitally recreated for a character without there being a preexisting film first.

Source: Destructoid


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9. Singing Career

Bruce Willis’s early career included Off-Broadway roles, TV appearances, commercials and most surprisingly a singing career. In the late ’80s, he recorded a pop-blues album called The Return of Bruno. Despite not being the best album, his second single which was a version of the Drifters song “Under the Boardwalk” actually reached no. 2 on the UK Top 40. He has since appeared on other tracks including the Rugrats Go Wild soundtrack in 2003.

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