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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan is one of Hollywood’s most beloved icons. From his do-your-own stunts style, original comedy and welcoming personality, there is no questioning why he has become so successful in the entertainment industry. Despite his millions of adoring fans, countless films, and even more philanthropic efforts, he has stayed largely out of the spotlight, and not a ton is actually known about the star. Since we are always wanting to know as much as possible about the best and biggest stars, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Jackie Chan:

10. Rush Hour

For many fans, Rush Hour was one of Jackie Chan’s best and most hilarious films, but it turns out that it was one of his least favorite. “I have reasons to make each film, I have something to say. Unlike ‘Rush Hour’ there was no reason, you just give me the money and I’m fine. I dislike ‘Rush Hour’ the most, but ironically it sold really well in the U.S. and Europe,” he said of the popular 1998 film which spawned two sequels.

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9. Stuntman

Jackie Chan is renowned in Hollywood for always doing his own stunts, no matter how dangerous and holds the Guinness World Record for the most stunts by a living actor. Over his many years of doing stunts he has broken many bones and has broken his nose four times alone. One of his worst injuries was when he fell out of a tree while filming The Armour of God and fractured his skull. The fracture caused blood to pour out of his ear, and although the injury was fixed, he now has a permanent plug in his skull because of the hole.

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