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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Keaton

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Michael Keaton is an extremely diverse actor who’s dabbled in everything from comedies and rom-coms to action films and thrillers — he does it all! Keaton rose to fame back in the ’80s with roles in popular projects like Beetlejuice, Night Shift, Batman and Batman Returns and lately his career is back on the rise thanks to his roles in the critically acclaimed Birdman and Spotlight. It’s recently been announced that he’ll be making another return to the big screen as the villain in the upcoming Spider-man: Homecoming movie! Despite being in the business for a long time, not much is known about Keaton. He’s remained quite private with his personal life and isn’t big on living the life of fame and fortune. In honor of his upcoming 65th birthday, here’s a look at 10 things you probably didn’t know about Micheal Keaton!

10. Early Years

Michael Keaton was born on September 5, 1951 in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. His mother, Leona Elizabeth was a homemaker and his father, George A. Douglas was a civil engineer and surveyor. He is the youngest of seven siblings with three brothers and three sisters. Keaton went to Kent State to study speech, but dropped out after only two years. He moved to Pittsburgh to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. It didn’t quite work out the way he wanted and he ended up working as a production assistant on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He appeared on screen as one of the “Flying Zookeeni Brothers” and began acting in the Pittsburgh theatre. It was during this time that he realized he wanted to become a serious actor, so he gave up on being a comedian and started over again. He moved from Pittsburgh to L.A. and began auditioning for television roles while working as a cab driver and an ice cream truck driver to pay the bills.




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9. Past Relationships

His love life definitely flies under the radar most of the time, but Keaton has had some significant relationships. He was married to fellow actress Caroline McWilliams from 1982 to 1990. The couple shared one son together, Sean Maxwell Douglas. In 2010 she passed away from multiple myeloma in her home in California. In an interview with Elle, Keaton was asked about what it was like to lose an ex spouse. “My sister and my brother both lost ex-spouses, and both said, ‘This is going to be harder than you think.’ And the feelings that came up were odd, but not in a bad way, necessarily, because we had remained close. She was a remarkable mom. Sean is the great guy he is because of her – we’ve always been tight, but now the bond’s even tighter. We’re the family now,” he said. A year before his divorce from McWilliams was finalized, he began dating Courteney Cox during her pre-Friends fame from 1989 to 1995. He also had a relationship with Michelle Pfeiffer and years after the fact they had to work together on the set of Batman Returns.

Source: GQ

Source: GQ

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