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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage is a Hollywood icon who has become just as popular for his use in memes as he is for his numerous roles in the industry. As well as becoming one of the highest paid actors, he has also has garnered a reputation for being odd, which makes him even more endearing to fans. Despite decades in the spotlight now, there are still many things that a lot of people do not know about the talented actor! Here are 10 things not widely known about Nicolas Cage:

10. The Pyramid

Nicolas Cage likes to be prepared and as it turns out, he already has his burial after his death all planned. In February of 2013 the actor bought a cemetery tomb in New Orleans. The nine foot tall pyramid is engraved with the words “Omnia Ab Uno” which means “Everything From One,” but he never explained the significance of the tomb or why he chose it.

Source: Zimbio

Source: Zimbio


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9. Helping Johnny Depp

Along with all his personal success and accomplishments, Nicolas Cage is also credited with being the man who convinced Johnny Depp to seriously pursue acting. Back in the early ’90s Depp was pursuing a music career with his band and had recently married the bass player’s sister, Lori Anne Allison, who worked as a makeup artist. Through her job, Lori introduced Depp to Nicolas Cage, who then convinced Depp to take up acting, and sent him to his own agent, and from there Depp landed his breakout role in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Source: Celebitchy

Source: Celebitchy

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