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11 Popular Teen Series’ Small Towns Ranked From Worst To Best

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The best TV series are a form of escape for their viewers, and once fans become involved with a show they end up loving everything about it. The world the show sets up is very important and it has become a common theme for many popular teen shows to be set in small towns that may seems quaint and idyllic on the outside, but hide many secrets and lots of drama on the inside. It is very easy for viewers to get lost in these fictional towns and often wish they could visit them at least once, but some are much more exciting and inviting than others. Here are 11 small towns from popular teen series ranked from worst to best:

11. Point Place, Wisconsin – That ’70s Show

The teens of Point Place, Wisconsin, had to make their own fun living in such a small town and were lucky to stay out of any major trouble for the most part on That ’70s Show. Even though Eric, Kelso, Fez, Donna, and Jackie made it work, we actually didn’t get to see a lot of Point Place itself as most of the time was spent hanging out in Eric’s basement. While it definitely seems like the kind of place where friends stay close and great memories are formed, it was way too much of a typical American town to be anything spectacular or interesting.

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10. Rosewood, Pennsylvania – Pretty Little Liars

To be honest, the small town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, never seemed that appealing on Pretty Little Liars. While it is a lot like many other small towns, the only thing that made it more interesting was a stalker/killer and an underground fight club, both of which make Rosewood a place that many wouldn’t want to live, let alone visit. On the other hand, without a psychotic killer and the drama that goes along with it, Rosewood would just be a very boring Pennsylvania town, making it definitely not one of the best TV small towns.

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