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12 Best And Worst TV Dads From Popular Shows

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A lot of TV series focus on the bond between a mother and their child, but there are a few that give attention to the relationship between a father and child. TV fans have seen every possible imagining of a dad on popular TV series from amazing dads to absolutely horrible ones. From some our favorite TV dads to some of the most hated, here are 13 of the best and worst TV dads (and some that fall somewhere in between) from a few of the most popular TV series of recent years:

12. Best: Sandy Cohen – The O.C.

Sandy Cohen is one of the most iconic TV dads from any hit teen series. He was charming, understanding and the best at the classic “dad joke,” all while being hard-working and completely devoted to his family. While Seth Cohen was his biological son, his dad genes were so strong he was even a great father to Ryan Atwood after bringing him home in an effort to help the wayward Chino teen on The O.C. The lengths Sandy would go to to help anyone was extensive, but his love truly knew no bounds when it came to his family, and he was always there to help and support Seth even though he wasn’t like the other O.C. kids and, most importantly, was always there in the best and worst of times for both of the boys.

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11. Best and Worst: Coach Taylor – Friday Night Lights

There is absolutely no doubt that when it comes to some of the greatest TV characters of recent years, Coach Taylor would have to be near the top of the list, but the same can’t be said for best TV dads. Eric Taylor was a loving family man without question, but it can’t be denied that a lot of his time and attention was always focused on football and the football team he was coaching. Not to mention his own daughter Julie Taylor ended up being the worst character on the series, so much of his wisdom and tender moments of understanding were actually saved for his players and his wife instead of his own children.

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