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12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Accents

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There are so many actors and actresses in Hollywood who aren’t American and fake the accent for their roles. While some of these foreign actors and actresses with accents are well known, there are a number of others who aren’t. Here are 12 celebrities you didn’t know have accents:

12. Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor’s Australian accent is undetectable when she plays Clarke Griffin on The CW show The 100 and there is a good reason for that – before she made it as an actress, she was a dialect coach! “Well, I was a dialect coach in between gigs in Australia, so I was bartending, waiting on tables and teaching the American accent before I came to L.A. So that part wasn’t too hard,” she told The Age Entertainment. “I did find it interesting, though, when I did get here. I mean, teaching the accent itself is quite easy because it’s isolated and it’s slow and you can sound things out. But then being on set and doing a heated scene where you’re yelling and screaming, it’s amazing how quickly your own accent slips out.”

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11. Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln has perfected his American accent. It feels more natural to him now than his British accent! When filming Walking Dead, he makes sure to maintain it both on and off set, so when his castmates hear his British accent, they are often shocked! “A lot of cast are here today asking what I’m doing with that accent, it’s the weirdest thing. They are a bit freaked out. I get a bit coy around them so I may slip into my dialect,” he told Belfast Telegraph.

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