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12 Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy theories can really be cultivated out of anything and Hollywood and the world of celebrities has not been immune to them. Some conspiracy theories have been so thoroughly researched, they have become quite convincing to some fans, but most are just downright insane. Most of these are so strange and surprising it is hard to believe someone actually came up with them, but some people have spent a lot of time trying to prove they are true. Here are 12 of the craziest and weirdest celebrity conspiracy theories:

12. Marisa Tomei’s Oscar

A lot of preparation and care go into the Oscars to make sure everything goes smoothly, but mix-ups definitely happen. One of the strangest celebrity conspiracy theories surrounds the Oscars and an alleged mistake that happened at the major awards show in 1993. In 1993, newcomer Marisa Tomei took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in My Cousin Vinny. Needless to say, the win shocked everyone especially compared to the heavy-hitting actresses and performances she was up against. Then, a year later the conspiracy theory started to run that it was so shocking because Tomei actually wasn’t supposed to win the Oscar. The theory suggests that the presenter, Jack Palance, wasn’t able to read the name on the card so instead just said the last name on the teleprompter from the nominees which was Marisa Tomei. Things got worse when film critic Rex Reed endorsed the theory by stating that Palance was very drunk during the broadcast and said the Academy conducted a “massive cover up” after the mistake.

Source: Snopes


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11. Britney Spears Was a Government Decoy

Pop singers already have to deal with a lot of criticism, but when it comes to Britney Spears some believe she had nothing to do with her own success in the industry. A theory surrounding the singer states that Spears was paid by the Bush administration to distract the public from a corrupt and incompetent government. Those who believe that Spears was simply a decoy to take the attention away from problems in the White House have traced key headline-making moments from her career including her split from Kevin Federline and infamous breakdown coinciding with major moments in the government.

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