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12 Most Popular Soap Operas Of All Time Ranked From Worst To Best

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Guiding Light was the very first daytime drama to air on U.S. television in late June 1952 and when it did soap operas were born. The show started a radio-to-TV transition at that point and audiences fell in love with the idea of tuning in daily to see what their favorite soap characters were up to. Over sixty years later, many soaps have followed in the show’s footsteps and fans still tune in on television (and sometimes the web) to get their daily dish of love, romance, and drama. Below is an overview of the 12 most popular soaps, ranked from worst to best.

12. Passions

Centered around the trials and tribulations in a small town called Harmony, Passions became quite popular during its short television tenure. It was on the air for about eight years and had some interesting yet often bizarre storylines. Fans fell in love with the Cranes, Bennetts, Russells, and who could forget the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, when the show debuted in 1999. Alas, NBC did cancel the soap in 2007 and Passions was then picked up by DirectTV. Sadly, that was short-lived too, as it was dropped in 2008 when the broadcast satellite company decided not to renew the contract. Some fans miss the show while others wonder why they wasted their time with the soap.



11. Ryan’s Hope

Remember Ryan’s Hope? The soap only lasted a lucky 13 years, but enjoyed a pretty good run of popularity. Debuting in 1975, the show centered around an American family of Irish decent, living in the Washington Heights community of Manhattan. The show saw two incredible years of success, and after that, it ran into some issues. One big one would be recasting, which would leave fans disconnected to the core family of the show and often wondering who was who. Another epic fail was wonky storylines such as an arc that saw a character kidnapped by a gorilla, a la King Kong. Sadly, the show was cancelled due to declining ratings in 1989.


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