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12 Popular Soap Opera Couples Ranked Worst To Best

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It is undeniable, love makes the soap opera world go around. When it comes to daytime drama we have seen many a couples hook up, break up, and at times make up. There have been a ton of twosomes that simply don’t work out, are terribly toxic and then there are those that make our hearts skip a beat. Literally dozens of couples could fit this worst to best list, and opinions vary so much when it comes to soap opera fans. Alas, below is a list of 12 popular soap opera couples ranked worst to best:

12. Sharon and Victor Newman – Young and the Restless

At one point in time, Sharon and Victor shared a unique relationship. Victor was quite fond of his son’s wife, treating his daughter-in-law more like a daughter than an in-law. But in 2012, their relationship took a creepy turn when the two hooked up and got married twice in one year. Not only was the relationship sickening, the reasoning behind their new bond was just gross. Sharon was mentally unstable at the time, but really when isn’t she a bit crazy?  For most of their relationship, Victor’s been playing his old manipulative tricks. Thankfully the relationship is a thing of the past and the two are mortal enemies right now. The reveal of Baby Sully’s identity is sure to add further cracks in their relationship. The bad news is, their terrible relationship hurt many at the time. The good news is, Victor has a ton of money to help with therapy bills for poor Faith and Noah, who had to endure a time in their lives when Mommy was married to Grandpa.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS


11. Lucy Coe and Alan Quartermaine – General Hospital

Their small wedding in 1990 said it all. Alan donning a suit and Lucy in that infamous red dress number. These two were disaster from the get-go and made for one of the worst General Hospital (GH) couples in history. She wanted him for his money and he wanted her for what she could offer between the sheets. Alas, this toxic relationship did not last very long and it wasn’t long before Alan was back with the love of his life Monica, and Lucy was back to manipulating Scott Baldwin and the other men of Port Charles.



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