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12 Shortest Marriages In Soap Opera History

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When it comes to the land of soap operas, most marriages don’t last that long, even when it comes to super couples. While daytime drama fans love watching their favorite twosomes fall in love, get together, and then head down the aisle, we also love watching them face the many ups and downs that only make them stronger. Most marriages in daytime drama are generally headed for doom from the get go, but below are some nuptials that really take the cake … wedding cake that is! Check out 12 of the shortest soap opera marriages in history.

12. Anthony Zacchara and Tracy Quartermaine – General Hospital

Tracy Quartermaine is known for large number of failed marriages which total a whopping eight (with three of those marriages linked to Luke Spencer). However, number seven was seemingly unlucky for the this Quartermaine diva. Who wouldn’t be left a little unsettled by Anthony Zacchara? Well, Tracy sure was back in 2012, but that didn’t stop the insane mob boss from kidnapping her and marrying her. The marriage was never consummated and Tracy desperately tried to get out of it, but thankfully the union was dissolved five months later when Zacchara was found dead near the family boat house.

Source: General Hospital Wikia


11. Nick Fallon and Gabi Hernandez – Days of Our Lives

Gabi Hernandez has made some questionable decision over the course of her young life, and one of the worst ones was believing in Nick Fallon. The ever-crazy Nick returned to Salem in 2012 when he was released from prison on parole. While Fallon seemed to have learnt his lesson while in jail and was apparently reformed, the truth was he was just putting on an act. The two got hitched in 2013 and the marriage was annulled five months later thanks to Nick’s psychotic ways.

Benjamin Cohen/NBC)

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