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12 Ways Miley Cyrus Has Drastically Changed

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Miley Cyrus may only be 24-years-old, but she’s already experienced plenty of transformations in both her personal life and her career. Born as Destiny Hope Cyrus (that’s right, her name is not really Miley at all) in Franklin, Tennessee, it didn’t take long for this natural born performer to follow her father (“Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus) into the entertainment industry. However, her journey hasn’t been without a whole lot of growth. From her time as the quirky Hannah Montana to her current return to country and everything in between, Miley has drastically changed in ways that are wildly obvious and ways that are perhaps a little more subtle.

12. Country Roots to Hip Hop Exploration Back to Country Again

Hailing from Tennessee and being raised by a country singer obviously had its effect on young Miley which is why her first entrance into the entertainment industry had shades of her rootin’, tootin’ roots. But after her Hannah Montana days, when her music career seriously started to skyrocket, she shed her countrified ways and instead embraced a pop music style that leaned heavily on her new hip hop influence. Fans followed her right along with the change and eagerly embraced the peppier songs and heavier beats, but these days, Miley has decided to take a huge turn once again and has ditched her temporary hip hop-ishness and has returned to the twangy tunes that made her famous in the first place.

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11. Wacky Wardrobe to Downhome Country Gal

Changing her musical style came along with a change in pretty much every other aspect of Miley. When she left behind the farm house fashion, the singer opted for a new style that went beyond what anyone could have ever expected. Apparently taking a note from Lady Gaga’s closet, Miley’s style direction was basically, “Go BIG or go home.” And by big, we mean little itty bitty outfits that barely covered her bits. But when Cyrus decided to return to her country roots, she packed away her vinyl bikinis and brought back out her denim cut-offs and checkered crop tops. And don’t forget the requisite cowboy hat!

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