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13 Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths Of 2014

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 30 Nov 2014 07:48 AM / No Comments / 59 views

2014 has been an intense year for celebrity deaths. We have had to say goodbye to many well known faces this year, as well as a few lesser known ones. One of the worst ways to learn about someone is because they passed, but that is sometimes just the way it goes. Many of the celebrity deaths this year came as quite the shock. They were relatively young with a considerable amount of life still ahead of them. Others weren’t quite as shocking because they had already been sick or were just at the age when anything can happen. Here is Fame10’s list of the 13 most shocking celebrity deaths of 2014!

13. Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney passed away this past April at the age of 93. His death was due to natural causes, including complications related to diabetes. Although his career spanned eight decades, he didn’t have much money left at the time of his death. He had disinherited his ex wife, as well as his eight surviving children. He left his entire estate, which was worth only $ 18,000, to one of his estranged wife’s stepsons.

Rooney had a pretty turbulent personal life. He was married eight times in total. His first wife was Ava Gardner, who he stayed with for a year. He then married Betty Jane Rase. Once they were divorced, he settled down with Martha Vickers and then, after her, Elaine Mahnken Devry. Hours after their divorce, he married Barbara Ann Thomason. Their marriage ended when her lover killed her in a murder-suicide. Rooney then married her friend, Margaret Lane. When that didn’t work out, he moved on to Carolyn Hockett. His eighth and final wife was Jan Chamberlain, but he separated with her months before his death.

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