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13 Popular Celebrities Who Got Their Start On “ER”

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Through 15 seasons, NBC’s hit medical drama ER saw quite an extensive cast list. From starring roles to single episode parts, the show has seen a lot of big names involved in several episodes, but upon closer inspection, it seems ER was the stepping stone to a huge career for a few celebrities. In any career getting your foot in the door is key, but in Hollywood it is even more important to get that start on a huge stage, which ER most certainly was. Now, we know these stars from many other roles, but all 13 of them began their major acting career on ER. Check it out:

13. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is a woman who needs no introduction to film fans. The gorgeous actress has appeared in many films including The Other Guys, Hitch and two of the Fast and the Furious films, but her career began long before then. Mendes’ first ever acting credit is in ER‘s season four, episode 15 “Exodus” as Donna, back when she spelled her last name with a “z” still. Now of course she is known for her many feature film credits as well as her very low-key relationship with Ryan Gosling.

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12. Chris Pine

Chris Pine found huge success somewhat later in his career, thanks in large part to landing the iconic role of James T. Kirk in the well received reboot films of the Star Trek series. However, it all began for Pine back in 2003 with his first ever credited role on the season nine episode of ER called “A Thousand Cranes.” Naturally, he portrayed a drunken teenager, and only one year later landed his major film breakout role in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

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