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2016’s 12 Biggest Soap Opera Scandals

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Soap operas are filled with scandal and 2016 may be known as the year of controversies, as it relates to the world of daytime drama. There seemed to be a ton of affairs going on, crazy driving accidents, paternity (and maternity) issues, not to mention murders galore.  As we head into 2017, we’re looking into some of the best and biggest soap opera scandals of this past year — check it out!

12. Drunk Driving Accident – Days Of Our Lives

It’s been a crazy year for scandals in Salem and to kick off this list we look at something big that rocked the lives of the characters on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) last New Year’s Eve. Eric hops behind the wheel while intoxicated and gets into a car accident that causes injury to him, Jenn, Brady, and Daniel. The aftermath of the car crash was heartbreaking. Daniel was on life support and Brady was fighting for his life. Maggie decided to turn Daniel’s life support off and donated his heart to save his BFF, Brady. Eric is hauled off to jail to serve a five-year sentence and DOOL is never really the same. Nicole grieves; Brady has a new lease on life; and Jennifer battles with a pain killers’ addiction. Salem definitely didn’t start 2016 on a festive note.




11. Valerie Gets Kidnapped – General Hospital

To look at Dante and Lulu now, it’s hard to believe that these two endured a near broken marriage, thanks to an affair. At the beginning of the year, these two were struggling with this issue and Lulu had revenge on her mind. Feeling betrayed by not only her husband, but his mistress as well (Valerie is Lulu’s cousin), the youngest Spencer devised a plan with her ex-boyfriend, Johnny Zacchara, to get back at Valerie. The two held the woman hostage in an old cabin and then left her for (almost) dead when it accidentally caught on fire. Even more scandalous than kidnapping is the fact that Zacchara took the blame for the entire incident and was sent back to prison – orange jumpsuit and all.



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