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33 Relatable Fashion Moments Straight From the Royals

By / Published on Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 13:28 PM / No Comments / 46 views

It’s windy, it’s rainy, you’re wearing a long gown, and no you did not remember to check the weather app before you left the house. We’ve all been there, even the royals. From simple little adjustments to major boo-boos – Crown Princess Mary stepped out of her pumps while photos were being taken and Queen Maxima wore a top with unfortunate dart placement – their style blunders are aplenty.

For us, this just makes Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, and the rest of these power dressers more relatable. It’s comforting to know that chic, high-profile women are capable of making fashion mistakes too, even though most of the time they look next-level polished. Just remember these 33 moments the next time your heel snaps and you fall down the stairs. Hey, it happens.

Thanks to: POPSUGAR Fashion

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