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5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 26)

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Last week, General Hospital (GH) and its fans said goodbye Sabrina Santiago, and this week the drama continues to unfold during the aftermath of her murder. Michael continues to grieve, Paul’s guilt gets the best of him and PCPD continues to gather evidence in hopes of cracking the case. Will they get a confession out of Paul this week or get something that will lead them in his direction? Learn about these storylines and more in the GH spoilers for the week of September 26th.

5. Julian’s Verdict – Aftermath

Despite the fact that it was the ‘drugs talking’ Julian has high hopes this week that Alexis’ breakdown in court meant she still has feelings for him. He makes a huge move, as such. He signs the divorce papers in hopes that Alexis will be pleased that he did as she asked him to. Sadly, Alexis turns to alcohol after the two chat and her daughter Sam worries about her. Jason worries how Julian’s verdict will affect his BFF Sonny and warns him to stay away and push the vendetta aside.




4. Confession Of Killer

As we all saw from Friday’s episode, Tracy hears Paul apologizing to Sabrina’s picture at her funeral. Think she would clue in to what is going on? Nope. She thinks he feels guilt over not being able to solve this serial murder case. Little does she realize he is the killer. Anna returns to Port Charles this week and demands an explanation from Paul as to why Julian got off for Duke’s murder. She also steps in to help Jordan with the GH Killer case. On a side note, Curtis and Andre have a heated confrontation at the gym.

© Howard Wise/JPI Studios

© Howard Wise/JPI Studios

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