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5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (September 12)

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For every Young and the Restless (Y&R) fan who has been nipping at their heels to see Billy and Phyllis’s relationship exposed, well this is your week! The Abbott family gets torn apart, as the couple’s affair is revealed and Jack’s heart is broken. Dylan stays hot on Victor’s heels and the Rayburn marriage continues to fall apart. Learn more about the proverbial crap hitting the Phyllis and Billy fan, as well as other storylines in the Y&R spoilers for the week of September 12th.

5. Jill Fakes A Heart Attack

So not a huge spoiler alert, but all part of the progressive storyline where Billy and Jill get caught and Jack finds out. While Billy and Jill are arguing about the affair, Jill fakes the condition and goes to the hospital. Billy calls her out on the fake heart attack, but she is able to convince him otherwise. Colin calls her out on the fake heart condition and they share a good laugh. Still, Colin wants to know what secret Jill is hiding. He does eventually find out and that’s were things begin to unravel.

© Chris D/JPI Studios

© Chris D/JPI Studios


4. The Two Get Caught

With Phyllis dumping Billy earlier on the week, one would think things would get better? Nope. Billy begins to lose it, while Phyllis takes a crack at marriage counselling. Sometime between all this Vicky actually catches the two in the act, confronts them both and it seems as if the affair is officially exposed. Ashley also confronts her younger brother about the affair and Summer approaches Phyllis, calling her a hypocrite. It seems everyone knows what is going on, but Jack at this point. Colin offers to ‘sell’ Jack the secret for a cool million dollars. Jack approaches Jill and Ashley this week, asking what they know and they both refuse to tell him anything.

© Howard Wise/JPI Studios

© Howard Wise/JPI Studios

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