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6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 5)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! As Salem gears up for the holidays, it seems that not everyone has things they want to celebrate. Illnesses, broken families, broken hearts, and a little bit of lost hope. Things don’t seem so cheery and bright this week in the land of DOOL, that for sure. Learn more about Hope, Rafe, Gabi, Chad, Abigail, and more of your favorites in the DOOL spoilers for the week of December 5.

6. Adrienne Has Cancer

Test results have confirmed that Adrienne has cancer and those closest to her react to the news and offer support. Sonny and Justin help her come to terms with this diagnosis, and the three have a warm conversation about it. While Lucas is concerned for her well-being as well, he also takes notice that something seems odd about Jennifer. While he approaches her on this, she denies hiding anything.




5. Abigail Continues To Hide

Meanwhile both Jenn and J.J. continue to encourage Abigail to come out from hiding, and reunite with Chad and Thomas. Jenn feels strongly about how wrong it is that they are all lying about her being alive. Andre also encourages Abigail to come out, stating that she may lose Chad if she continues to wait. Still, Abigail seems adamant this week, she wants to continue to remain in hiding and she is not ready to face ‘real life’. Sadly, this plan gets thrown out the window when a fellow Salemite runs into her. Even sadder news? Abigail blackmails the person in order to keep her secret.



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