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6 Soap Operas Biggest Salary Disputes

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Life often imitates art, and there is no better example of this then contract negotiations for soap opera stars. Oh, the drama that can unravel! While some soap stars may bargain for more guaranteed episodes weekly, vacation time, a decent dressing room, and other perks, contract renewals often come down to the money, which can lead to disputes! Below is a list of 6 0f the biggest soap opera salary disputes:

6. Anthony Geary

Beloved Luke Spencer, one half of the famous General Hospital (GH) super couple Luke and Laura, had a little tiff with producers back in 2013. With the genre of daytime drama slowly wilting away, soaps simply don’t have the budget they used to. As such, reports indicated that GH producers suggested a 50 percent pay cut, after all, Geary only really worked 35% of the year at that point in time, was living in Amsterdam, and was earning a whopping $ 1.5 million dollars annually. Tony threatened to walk off the show and was requesting his character Luke get killed off. Alas, Luke was never axed and Tony ended up staying with GH until the summer of 2015.

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 5. Drake Hogestyn

On and off since 1986, Drake Hogestyn has played the infamous John Black on Days of Our Lives (DOOL). While the actor has been a staple on the show over the years, he has been let go during his thirty-year tenure about three times. Why? Well according to reports, it was due to salary disputes around contract negotiation time. In the 1990s, when both Drake, Black, and the soaps were booming, Hogestyn requested $ 25,000 each episode. So, when things would get rough in the land of daytime drama finances-wise, John Black was the first one to leave Salem. Still, since 2013, it seems as if money has not been as much of an issue for Drake because he loves what he does.

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