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7 Biggest Soap Opera Star Feuds

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The land of soaps has created some pretty intense rivalries over the years. The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Victor Newman and Jack Abbott is one that still continues today. Then there was the DiMera and Brady family feud over on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) that rocked Salem since the early ‘80s. Who could forget the legendary cat fights between Bobbie Spencer and Lucy Coe on General Hospital (GH)? Alas, all these onscreen rivalries have been a great watch for fans … but what about those fights that have occurred off the daytime drama sets? Below are the seven biggest soap opera feuds that have taken place off-screen.

7. Eric Braeden and Peter Bergman

Victor and Jack have shared some pretty incredible on-screen fights over the years, but apparently the best one to date was one that took place while the cameras weren’t rolling. While Braeden stepped into his role in 1980 and Bergman started at the Y&R in 1989, the two reportedly did not get along so well in the early days. So much, that an incident in 1991 apparently ended with some punches exchanged. Y&R creator William Bell threatened that if any situation would escalate to this degree again, the two would be canned on the spot and dear old Victor and Jack would instantly be recast. Seems like it worked because the two have been able to maintain a professional relationship since.




6. Eric Braeden and Michael Muhney

Speaking of the Moustache, it seems that Bergman isn’t the only actor that Eric had issues with on the Y&R set. It has been reported that he also did not get along with onscreen son Adam Newman, played by actor Michael Muhney. So much so, it has been rumored that the reason Muhney was fired in 2013 was because of his issues with Braeden. There has been a tremendous amount of speculation about what happened, especially since Muhney departed the show three years ago, following allegations of sexual assault, so, it’s hard to decipher fact from rumor.

BDG / Rex Features / Soap Opera Digest

BDG / Rex Features / Soap Opera Digest

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