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7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 31)

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Happy Halloween General Hospital (GH) fans! ‘Tis the season to be frightened, and this seems to be a strong theme this week for the soap. A Halloween party brings out the worst in someone; Alexis continues to spiral down out of control with her alcohol issues; Sonny loses it; and Franco turns green with jealousy. It’s sure to be a spook-tacular week in Port Charles! Learn more about these storylines, and some other ghoulish ones, in the GH spoilers for the week of October 31st.

7. Halloween

Expect all things Halloween on Monday! Sonny blows up when he gets mistaken for someone else. There’s also a big Halloween bash, and spoilers are indicating that a surprise guest arrives and causes trouble. Could Valentin Cassadine be making an appearance to scare some Port Charles residents? While its unsure if Valentin is the unexpected guest at the party, he does show up this week to visit his half-sister Alexis, who can’t seem to put that bottle down. Spoilers also indicate that Dillon puts on some flirting charm at the Halloween party when it comes to Kiki and works hard to rekindle their relationship.




6. Franco: The Big Green Monster

Franco suffers from some jealousy this week (times two) when it comes his love Elizabeth Webber. First, he gets upset when he sees Jason and Liz try to co-parent little Jake, and then Franco gets jealous once again when Liz helps Griffin with his single parenting woes and Charlotte. Franco tries hard to keep himself on level ground, but it’s a struggle for him.

Rick Rowell/ABC

Rick Rowell/ABC

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