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7 Soap Opera Deaths We Totally Saw Coming

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As Benjamin Franklin once said, only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. Well, death certainly does spill over into the world of soaps and is an occurrence that happens quite often. While most of the time deaths can be quite shocking, there are other deaths that aren’t too surprising for daytime drama fans these days. Below are seven soap opera deaths audiences saw coming — from a mile away!

7. Y&R’s Skye Lockhart

Back in 2011, The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Skye Lockhart was supposedly dead and it seemed like all arrows were pointing to Adam Newman as the murderer. Turns out he didn’t kill Lockhart because Skye was still very much alive and living it up in Hawaii. Newman’s girlfriend at the time, Sharon, went on a wild goose chase to find Lockhart and gather proof to clear Adam’s name, so she headed to Hawaii. Most long-time Y&R fans could see something was going to go wrong as soon as the two women were gathered near a bolster volcano. While Sharon tried to save Lockhart from falling into the lava, Skye let go of her hand and fell to her looming death.

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6. Y&R’s Adam Newman, Circa 2014

Adam Newman’s death in 2014 was pretty predictable, especially for fans who peruse the internet. Regardless, many fans of the show were shocked and some were even outraged. While we may never truly know why Muhney left the Y&R, when the character was killed off during a car crash in 2014, most fans saw it coming. Most Y&R viewers also could see a resurrection and return of Adam from a mile away as well.

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