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7 Things You Didn’t Know About RHONJ Stars Melissa And Joe Gorga’s Relationship

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Melissa and Joe Gorga have one of the strongest marriages in the entire Real Housewives franchise — these two have been through thick and thin and made it through the other side. They’ve survived family fights, tabloid rumors, financial struggles and most of all the reality television curse! These two have been appearing as main cast members on The Real Housewives of New Jersey since season 3, so fans have been getting to know them separately and as a couple for the past 5 years. Season 7 is currently wrapping up, so here’s one last look at 7 things you might not have known about Melissa and Joe Gorga’s relationship!

7. How They Met

The New Jersey couple met while they were both on vacation for spring break in Cancun, Mexico. Melissa was only 21-years-old at the time when Joe Gorga spotted her out with a group of friends. The self proclaimed “Italian Stallion” couldn’t work up the courage to go and talk to her when he first saw her, so the first time they actually spoke was when they were back in New Jersey and he apparently went up to her and stated the conversation by saying he saw her in Cancun. “We were both there and he was there with his friends and he says that I went walking by with my girlfriends and my bikini, and he remembers everything that I was wearing like it was yesterday. He pointed to me and said: ‘That’s going to be my wife.’ His best friend that was with him confirmed this story all the time, so that was kind of the first time we met unofficially. Then we were back in New Jersey in the summer at a beach club and he saw me and it just went from there,” she said in an interview with the Examiner.




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6. Things Got Serious Quick

Similar to his sister, Joe Gorga got married at a young age after only having dated Melissa for a year! It seems to be the old school Italian way to settle down quickly and start having children. After hearing the story about how they met and how smitten Joe was with Melissa, it’s not that hard to believe things got fairly serious between these two rather quickly! “It was one of those things that we went out on a first date and saw each other every day after. We both just knew, we were at the age when we were ready to settle down,” she said. Their wedding took place in 2005, but according to her Lifetime bio, it took the Gorga family quite some time to warm up to Joe’s fiance. They were apprehensive about her because she had been engaged twice before. At the time of their wedding, she and Joe’s sister, fellow Housewife Teresa were fairly close and Teresa even served as one of Melissa’s bridesmaids.



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