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7 TV Shows That Were Cancelled With A Cliffhanger

By / Published on Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017 12:08 PM / No Comments / 35 views

Sometimes TV shows don’t get a chance to end on their own terms which, for fans, can mean that we are left with cliffhangers, and no one likes that! So many good shows have been unceremoniously cancelled over the years and, as a result, fans have been left with more questions than answers. We have a list of 7 shows that were cancelled with a cliffhanger:

7. Las Vegas

Las Vegas ended its five-season run with a cliffhanger because NBC decided to cancel the series during the off-season following the season five finale, and fans still aren’t over it. As a result, the series ended with Cooper walking into his own memorial service, following the plane crash everyone thought he died in, and a pregnant Delinda possibly having a miscarriage. It’s been almost a decade now since the show was unceremoniously axed, so it looks like these issues will never be resolved!



6. Pitch

Producers for Fox’s critically-acclaimed drama Pitch, which followed Ginny Baker as she became the first woman to play in Major League Baseball, were really confident that they would get a second season, which is why the season one finale ended with a big cliffhanger – Ginny getting injured playing baseball and going in for an MRI to determine the extent of the injury. Unfortunately, they were wrong and so all fans were left with was one big question: Will Ginny get able to play ball again?

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