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8 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Chicago Fire’

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There are endless options for things to watch on TV or stream, and while it seems the police/crime procedural series take up a lot of the market, there are some that stand-out. Chicago Fire began its run in October of 2012, and has done so well that in just four short years it has already produced two spin-off series. Since the series is sure to run for many more seasons, there is plenty of time to jump into it, and if you are already a fan, there is still lots to know about the series! Check out 8 interesting facts about Chicago Fire.

8. Casting Woes

As fans of the series are well aware, Chicago Fire is the series that spawned Chicago P.D., which was originally meant to be a mid-season replacement and turned into a hit in its own right. Showrunner Matt Olmstead said that when they took characters for Chicago P.D. it was like “harvesting organs,” but still left Chicago Fire with an unbelievable cast.

 (Photo by: Sandro/NBC)

(Photo by: Sandro/NBC)


7. Emergency

Chicago Fire prides itself in being as true and realistic as possible when portraying the lives and situations of firefighters, but one scene might have been too real. Back in November of 2012, news station WGN-TV reported that a plane had crashed at 29th and Martin Luther King Drive, and even showed live footage of the crash. Eventually the station was told that it was actually a set piece that was pre-stage for the filming of Chicago Fire.

Source: NBC New York

Source: NBC New York

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