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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ghost Whisperer

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Ghost Whisperer ran for five seasons on CBS before it was unexpectedly cancelled in May 2010. Hollywood actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was the star of the supernatural drama series in the character of Melinda Gordon, a woman who is capable of communicating with ghosts and helps those who have trouble crossing over to the light. Hewitt also worked as a co-producer on the series. It’s been seven years since Ghost Whisperer was on the air — here’s a look at 8 things you probably didn’t know about the show!

8. Haunting Stories on Set

Even though the show has ghosts on it all the time, they aren’t real! However, while filming Ghost Whisperer, many of the actors and production crew had weird experiences of real hauntings on set and ghosts appearing who aren’t supposed to be there which is really spooky! In an interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt, she gave some examples of what’s happened on set: “I think it’s really cool and exciting and we’ve had all kinds of things happen. My makeup artist, we took a picture of her, and she had sort of this white film over her face, and then we took a picture of her ten minutes later in another part of the thing, and there was nothing. And we had James [Van Praagh] look at it, and he said ‘Absolutely. There’s a ghost attached to her.’ We’ve had lights explode. That’s Jay Mohr’s favorite story…I’ve had them show up around me a lot on film. I think it’s exciting,” said Hewitt. Staff/Syndicated by: CBS


7. Fire on Set

In June 2008, a massive fire broke out on the Universal Studios backlot destroying the “New York Street” that Ghost Whisperer primarily filmed on. What’s weird is that coincidentally the following season premiere episode of Ghost Whisperer following the fire was all about arson! “That was a total coincidence. In fact, the fire happened as they were getting ready to send out the script for that episode, which freaked us all out a bit! ‘Isn’t our first episode call ‘The Firestarter?’ It was one of those weird things,” said Hewitt.

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