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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Howey

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Steve Howey is one of those actors who just seems to be everywhere, but also extremely skilled at staying out of the spotlight. After endearing himself to fans as the dim witted yet well meaning Van Montgomery on the hit series Reba he has moved into films and found his way back to TV success with the series Shameless. Over the years, a lot has changed for the hilarious actor, so here are 8 things you never knew about him:

8. Early Life

Steven Michael Robert Howey was born on July 12, 1977, and while he was originally from Texas, he wasn’t necessarily raised there. His father Bill Howey was an acting teacher in Los Angeles and was connected to some big names including Patrick Swayze and George Clooney. Instead of being raised in a home, Howey actually spent most of his childhood on a 67-foot schooner which his parents would sail between Panama and Los Angeles. “My home school consisted of my mother saying that when she was done suntanning and with her Mai Tai she would teach me about fractions.” Meanwhile his dad would tell him, “Drinking rum before noon doesn’t mean you are a drunk, it means you are a pirate.” When on land he admits he was mostly raised by his older brother.

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7. Becoming An Actor

Eventually, Howey moved to Denver, Colorado, while still in High School and ended up receiving a basketball scholarship to Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado. Despite his athletic skills he quickly turned to acting. In 1998 he landed his first role, and in 2001 was cast in his breakout role as Van Montgomery on Reba. He has since appeared in series such as Sons of Anarchy, New Girl, and Shameless, but also transitioned to movie roles with 2005’s Supercross. He said after years of being on Reba it was quite the learning curve, “Coming from comedy, five years of coming from a sitcom, Reba, into doing this it’s a totally different animal. It’s a totally different discipline. It’s just a totally different world. You’re going from a set, four camera rehearsal trying to feed a joke, and now we have like one or two cameras or they have them cable rigged, they have cameras on cranes. They’re setting up for a shot and you get these close-ups, you capture a lot, so as an actor I was just trying to be this guy. Trying to stay as close to the story as possible.”

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