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9 Forgotten ’80s Shows

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The ‘80s were filled with great shows – some of which are totally embedded in pop culture like Family Ties and Who’s the Boss?, but there are others that ran for a season or two that didn’t get the love that other shows received. Here are 9 ‘80s shows, both good and bad, that have long since been forgotten:

9. My Sister Sam

My Sister Sam was a spin-off of Mork & Mindy that premiered on October 6, 1986. The show was supposed to be a starring vehicle for Pam Dawber, who starred opposite Robin Williams on the Mork & Mindy, but she wanted the focus to be on the cast as a whole and not just on her. While it initially received solid ratings during its first season, it changed timeslots during season two and was then competing against The Facts of Life, which caused its audience to dwindle. Although CBS moved the show in the late winter of 1988 to Tuesday nights in a bid to improve ratings, by April it was clear that the rating had failed to improve and was cancelled that May, and now no one remembers this show.

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8. It’s Your Move

It’s Your Move starred Jason Bateman as a 15-year-old scam artist who lived with his older sister and his widowed mother in a Van Nuys, California apartment. Although the NBC show received positive reviews from critics, it’s timeslot had it competing against ABC’s hit show Dynasty, so it was cancelled in early 1985, five months after it had premiered.

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