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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Criminal Minds Star Paget Brewster

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Paget Brewster is best recognized for her role as Special Agent Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds, but she had been kicking around in Hollywood for almost a decade before she landed that part. Before her breakthrough gig, she had a reputation as a show killer because she had starred in a number of shows that failed to take off, but that’s totally changed, which means she finally has her pick when it comes to shows. Even though Brewster has a career that spans 20 years, not a whole lot is known about her, so get to know the actress better with these 9 fun facts:

9. Hair Disaster on the Friends’ Set

Her first job in Hollywood was on Friends as Kathy. Her character first dated Joey and then Chandler (after she cheated on Joey with him). According to her, soon after landing the job, she was convinced that she was going to lose it. “I had a black bob, and when I got Friends, I started rehearsing that week, and the hair people cut all my hair off and dyed it red – it took six hours of lightening to dye it red – and then when Kevin Bright, Martha Kauffman, and David Crane came down to watch the first day, Kevin Bright starts screaming. “I hired her because she had a black bob! You can’t do this!” And as he’s screaming at the hair guy, I just went upstairs, I put my magazines in my bag, and I just sat and waited, like, ‘I lost my best job I’ve ever gotten,’” she told A.V. Club. “And then Kevin Bright came in the room and he went, ‘I didn’t hire you because of your hair! I just can’t have them making changes without them telling me!’”

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8. Photographer and Sex Columnist

Brewster was a photographer for, which features nude and scantily clad women, and she wrote a sex-advice column for Femme Fatales. “I wrote about how The Rules is monstrous, manipulative garbage, and some heavy-duty sex ones, like [a piece about] a porn store that sold a blow-up doll of a grandmother. Eww. But then part of me supports that – it’s not ageist. At least someone can be attracted to an older woman in Hollywood!” she said.

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