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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle Pfeiffer And David E. Kelley’s Relationship

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Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley have been married for 24 years! Despite their long-standing relationship, not a lot is known about them because they are fiercely protective of their family, and like to keep their personal lives private. Along with this, Peiffer took a step back from acting to raise their two children, and even moved out of Hollywood and into the San Francisco area. She’s been slowly making her way back into the world of acting, and will soon be celebrating another wedding anniversary with her TV writer-producer husband, so let’s take a look at 9 things you probably didn’t know about their relationship!

9. How They Met

Pfeiffer and Kelley met on a blind date that was set up by a mutual friend in January 1993. The date wasn’t anything fancy, in fact, they went bowling! Peiffer was in the process of adopting a child when she started dating Kelley, so two months into their relationship she had a daughter named Claudia (once they got married they raised her together). They enjoyed a whirlwind romance that moved rather quickly. They got married ten months after their first date in November 1993, and nine months later welcomed their first biological child, a son named John Henry.



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8. What It’s Like Dating in the Industry

When two celebrities start dating, people already start taking bets on how long it will last because the entertainment industry is such a demanding career that often splits couples up. Peiffer and Kelley are able to make it work because Kelley doesn’t work weekends, and they live outside of Hollywood and share the same morals and work ethic. “I’ve been in relationships with others in show business and, it can be difficult. People don’t believe me when I say that actually we see him, and he’s not writing all the time, and he doesn’t usually work on the weekends,” she said to ABC. These two have gotten very good at being a celebrity couple without actually seeming like it. “We just get along. I think we want the same things for our children, want the same things out of our relationship, and we have a similar work ethic, you know, that we both love our work and we love to be challenged.”

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