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Adam Sandler’s 10 Most Popular Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

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Adam Sandler is one of the movie industry’s most popular actors, and despite his success, he is also one of the most crticized actors in the business. Sandler’s biggest feat has been not silencing those critics, but defeating them because no matter how badly reviewed his movies are, they always make millions. Over the years Sandler has starred in countless films, and even his biggest fans will admit that some of them actually haven’t been that good at all. Check out 10 of the star’s most popular films ranked from worst to best:

10. Just Go With It (2011)

2011’s Just Go With It was the last Sandler film before a string of flops which included Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy, and Grown Ups 2, but it also wasn’t exactly received well by fans. Some enjoy Adam Sandler as the romantic lead, while many were bored of the role for him, and despite bringing in stars like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Brooklyn Decker, the film could not be redeemed. The plot was ridiculous and many of the jokes fell flat, but that didn’t stop it from bringing in $ 214 million at the box office, making it a financial success.

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9. The Waterboy (1998)

1998’s The Waterboy was Sandler’s second film in 1998 alone to make more than $ 120 million, and while it was very popular, looking back it certainly wasn’t one of his best. Sandler essentially derived a feature film from his popular Canteen Boy character from Saturday Night Live, and while it is a great underdog story, it is also very offensive, and even though Bobby Boucher gets the last laugh, it is difficult watching his character get tormented. At the time, it may have been a top Sandler film, but many more have come after to push The Waterboy down the ranks.

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