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Another World’s 7 Best Couples

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Another World (AW) was a highly popular daytime drama that aired for an incredible 35 years, starting in 1964 and ending in the summer of 1999. While Bay City had its fair share of drama over those years, it also showcased some unique storylines, adventures, rivalries, and romances As such, below is a list of the seven best couples that came out of Another World.

7. Donna Love and Michael Hudson

These two lovebirds shared a unique romance. While rich princess Donna Love was raised by a controlling father growing up, stable boy Michael Hudson caught her eye and the two shared a heated affair. Donna soon got pregnant at a very young age with twins, Vicky and Marley. Daddy dearest Reginal got involved at that point and ended the affair. He put Vicky up for adoption and raised Marley as his own. Weird scenario, right? Raising your daughter as your sister? The truth eventually came out years later and when Michael returned to Bay City, these two instantly rekindled their romance. It was sweet, it was passionate, and for many AW fans, these two canoodling on screen was the best part of the show.
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6. Amanda Cory and Sam Fowler

When well-to-do Amanda Cory returned from boarding school, she dove right into working at her father’s company, Cory Publishing. A young Sam Fowler, who also happened to be the brother of Mitch Blake (her mom’s extra-marital affair at one point), also jumped into the Bay City scene. Amanda lied to Sam at first, and didn’t reveal she was a Cory because she thought it would turn him off. Alas, they got over it and Sam’s down-to-earth attitude seemed to mix well with Amanda busy lifestyle as a business woman. They got married, had sweet little Allie (Amanda’s only child) and things seemed to be working … until Evan Frame showed up and seduced Amanda. While their affair did cause a break up, Sam and Amanda did make up again (only to break up again). But isn’t that how it goes in the land of soaps?
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