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Another World’s 7 Most Toxic Couples

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In the land of Bay City, love ruled the roost and while some couples within the cancelled soap opera of Another World (AW) were incredible, there were some that were also quite toxic. Whether couples were brought together through manipulation, seduction, or a controlling partner – AW had its fair share of toxic unions. Below is a list of the best of the best when it comes to toxic AW couples.

7. Cindy Brooke and Grant Harrison

As many will notice, Grant Harrison pops up a few times on this toxic couples list and that is all thanks to his manipulative ways. The first wife of his that hits this list is Cindy Brooke. The two met when Grant blackmailed Cindy into helping him with one of his schemes against Vicky Hudson, his ex-wife. What a way to start a relationship! By the time 1997 hit, the two were married and realized that their union wasn’t that bad after all. After Grant decided to become Mayor of Bay City, he found it easy to mold Cindy into an ideal wife that the public would adore. Still, the two would find out later that Cindy was unable to conceive a child for Grant and he dropped her like a bad habit … and even had her committed at one point. Their relationship was pure toxic from the get-go, but watching them on daytime screens was highly entertaining!




6. Amanda Cory and Evan Frame

When Amanda met Evan in the late ‘80s, she was a happily married woman with a young child. The need to climb that corporate ladder led her to an affair with Evan, a colleague at Cory Publishing at the time. The two worked very closely on a couple of key projects at the publishing house; however, this was just a facade as Evan had always set out to destroy Amanda’s relationship — which is exactly what he did. He first introduced himself as Evan Bates (never a good sign when a relationship starts under false pretenses), and he immediately began pulling out all the stops in seducing her. Amanda finally gave into Evan and it nearly destroyed her marriage (and happy little family) with then-love Sam Fowler. Sam and Amanda did reconcile, but it was never the same after Amanda and Evan hooked up.
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