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Blake Lively Shows an Attitude of Gratitude to Her Glam Squad on Instagram

By / Published on Thursday, 19 Jan 2017 13:28 PM / No Comments / 99 views

Blake Lively always manages to own the red carpet during award season, and her hair and makeup at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards are giving us a big dose of inspiration.

Blake, who is nominated for favorite dramatic movie actress, posted a behind-the-scenes snapshot on Instagram showing her beauty squad prepping her for the red carpet. The blond bombshell expressed gratitude to her hair and makeup crew in a behind-the-scenes image. She captioned, “Thank you @lorealmakeup @kristoferbuckle @rodortega4hair @lorealhair for making me look like I slept more than 2 hours last night.” Oh, the power of a fab glam team!

When the mother of two took the red carpet, we couldn’t help but admire how she went au naturel, opting for a simple, slightly wavy hairstyle. As for makeup, Blake donned subtly smoky brown eye shadow and muted pink lips. Her effortless beauty look allowed her sparkly fringe dress to do the talkin’, which is exactly why we’re taking notes and using this as inspiration for our everyday beauty routines.


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Keep reading for more photos of her gorgeous red carpet look.

Thanks to: POPSUGAR Fashion

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