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Friends: 15 Best Ross And Rachel Moments

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Ross and Rachel are one of the most iconic couples in television history. Rachel had Ross’s heart long before she first appeared on the show after fleeing the alter from her husband-to-be. Ross was the older brother of her childhood friend, Monica, and he’d pined after her all throughout high school and college without her ever knowing. Their romance was actually quite short lived on the series, but writers loved to tease fans with the idea of them getting back together. Of course, the timing was never right, until the epic season finale. In honor of their epic love story — here’s a look at 15 of the best moments between Ross and Rachel!

15. Ross and Rachel Date

There’s a lot of pressure when Ross and Rachel finally go on their first date because it had been such a long process to get them together. When their first date gets ruined by a bit of awkwardness, Rachel tries to make it up to him by planning their second date. Their second date gets interrupted again when Ross has to deal with an emergency at the museum. In order to salvage the date, he sets up a romantic setting in the planetarium’s theatre with stars on the ceiling and they end up sleeping together for the first time. It’s one of the most romantic moments for these two!
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14. When Ross Drinks the Fat

In season three, episode two, Ross gets frustrated with the group because nobody is ready for a big function he has at the museum. Ross continuously gets more and more flustered because they are running late and nobody seems to be showing any kind of urgency while getting ready. Monica is distracted by Richard, Joey and Chandler who are too busy fighting over the chair, and then Rachel is struggling to find something to wear. Ross’s patience wears off and he ends up raising his voice at Rachel which makes things worse when she decides she’s not going at all. To prove how sorry he is, he is willing to drink a glass of fat for her! Thankfully, Rachel stops him at the last second and forgives him.

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