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Friends: Phoebe’s 15 Love Interests Ranked From Worst To Best

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Friends is one of the best sitcoms of all time. It ran from 1994 to 2004 and during this time fans got to watch their favorite gang of friends navigate life’s hardships, like relationships, careers and friendship in their twenties and thirties while living in New York City and hanging out at the beloved Central Perk. In the 10 seasons it was on air, fans saw the leading ladies date a lot of men before finding the one. Before she married Mike Hannigan, Phoebe dated quite a few men. Here’s a definitive ranking of Phoebe’s 15 love interests from worst to best!

15. Jim Nelson

Jim lands in the worst spot on this list because he was super creepy! His character shows up in season 8 when Phoebe runs into him several times until eventually he asks her out. The poor unsuspecting Phoebe had no idea just how weird he was until she went out on a date with him. He began making inappropriate remarks and vile comments. When she tried to change the subject and asked him what he did for a living, he said he wrote “erotic novels fro children” that were “widely unpopular.” Jim was totally gross!

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14. Malcolm

A special guest appearance by David Arquette, who was Courteney Cox’s boyfriend at the time, happened in season 3. Phoebe and Malcolm meet in the strangest way. He begins stalking Phoebe, thinking that she’s her twin sister, Ursula. When she confronts him, it becomes clear he has an extremely unhealthy obsession with her sister. Phoebe takes pity on him and tries to help him. In an odd twist, she starts dating him, but then soon finds out he’s still stalking her sister. She has no choice but to dump him. This whole relationship was a little creepy.


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