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General Hospital: 9 Behind The Scenes Secrets

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Through the 54 years that General Hospital (GH) has been on the air, fans have seen some interesting stories unfold. Centered around the trials and tribulations that take place in the little town of Port Charles, audiences have seen how the mob works, spy action and adventure, devious dealings from the Cassadine family, and many love affairs over the years. But what about the craziness that occurs behind the camera? Below are nine behind-the-scenes secrets of GH.

9. The Wardrobe

Whether it’s everyday life in Port Charles or the glamour of those galas and Nurse’s Balls, the entire cast of GH has some pretty incredible wardrobe selections. GH’s wardrobe room is like one gigantic closet, with each character having their own section (labelled with their character’s name) of clothing to grab for scenes. There’s even a lingerie section composed of bras (for those steamy love scenes), scrubs (for those doing hospital scenes), police uniforms, and a shoes and accessories area (labelled according to character, of course!) Everything is cataloged and actors/actresses are not allowed to take anything from wardrobe home with them. In fact, older pieces of clothing may be placed in back stock for extras, sold (to cast members if they choose), or donated to special causes.



8. Time For A Little Make-Up

GH’s make-up department works hard to prep the actors and actresses for their scenes. When it comes to a big gala or event (where our leading ladies need to get glammed up), GH’s make-up department sets up a board and has pictures of the different actresses wearing the dresses/outfits all lined up (sans make-up). This helps the make-up artists (as well as hairdressers) co-ordinate the appropriate coloring (and ‘do up) to place on the GH ladies to help make them look fabulous and stunning. Not that they need much help to do that!

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