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Gilmore Girls: Lorelai’s Boyfriends Ranked Worst To Best

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On Gilmore Girls, Lorelai really didn’t date that much. She had a few casual boyfriends and a couple of serious ones but, other than that, it really seemed that she spent a lot of her time on the series being single. Now that we’ve seen the revival and we finally got the ending that we all wanted for Lorelai and Luke, we’re ranking Lorelai’s boyfriends on the show from worst to best!

6. Peyton Sanders

Lorelai only went on one date with Peyton Sanders, so he wasn’t exactly a boyfriend; however, she did have to jump through hoops to get that date after meeting him at an auction. She wound up getting his name and number from her mom Emily, which was pretty much the first sign that this date might not be worth pursuing. After the date, Lorelai complained to Rory that he had no personality and no sense of humor and the only reason he remained in the storyline was because her parents got upset with her for rejecting him.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Source: Entertainment Weekly


5. Alex Lesman

Lorelai and Alex were never that serious. In fact, their relationship seemed like something Lorelai did just to pass the time while she waited for Luke to make a move. Their relationship also wasn’t very memorable. The only slightly memorable part was when she prepared for their fishing trip by having Luke teach her how to fish. This had us thinking…why isn’t she just dating Luke?

Source: Life & Style

Source: Life & Style

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