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Gilmore Girls Netflix Revival: 7 Reasons We Need More Episodes

By / Published on Tuesday, 29 Nov 2016 12:12 PM / No Comments / 83 views

With Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we were expecting all of the storylines to be neatly wrapped up at the end of the fourth episode, but that’s not we got. Instead, we got a big bombshell – Rory’s pregnant! – with absolutely no closure. We need more episodes pronto, so these seven storylines can be wrapped up:

7. Paris and Doyle

Paris and Doyle are going through a big divorce in the revival series, which totally sucks. If there were ever two people that were meant to be, it was these two. They are both driven and stubborn, which may have caused some conflicts in their relationship, but they also have two kids and a ton of history. We want these two to work it out. They need to call off the divorce and accept the fact they are meant to be. There is no one better for Paris than Doyle and no one better than Doyle for Paris.

Source: Bustle

Source: Bustle


6. The Dragonfly Inn Storyline

In the last episode, we see Lorelai go to Emily to see if she can use the money from Richard’s will that was allotted to Luke to expand The Dragonfly. Emily acquiesces, but we don’t see Lorelai expand her beloved bed and breakfast. We know from the third episode that Michel is planning on leaving unless they can expand The Dragonfly, so we need this plotline resolved.

Source: E!

Source: E!

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