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Gilmore Girls Revival: 10 Big Spoilers From The Netflix Series

By / Published on Saturday, 26 Nov 2016 12:07 PM / No Comments / 60 views

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is finally available on Netflix and it’s even better than we imagined. We have been hearing various spoilers for the revival series for months now and some were definitely on point! A lot happened in the four new episodes, so we’re recapping some of the most shocking spoilers:

10. Rory’s Got a New Man

As predicted, there’s a man in Rory’s life named Paul, but he’s not that new. He and Rory have been dating for a while but, when he shows up for dinner at Lorelai’s, she and Luke don’t even remember having met him before! Rory doesn’t seem particularly into this Paul dude because there’s something else in her life that she’s been hung up on…

Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News


9. Rory and Logan Still Hooking Up

Despite breaking up with Logan back when she finished college, they’re still hooking up – even though she’s technically dating Paul. She’s been traveling a lot for work and, whenever she’s been in London, she’s been meeting up with Logan who, despite hooking up with Rory, is engaged to a French heiress, Odette. Rory finds out while she’s in Stars Hollow that his French fiancé has moved with him and breaks thing off, but Logan comes to visit her with Colin and Finn and they have a wild night out together, which leads to them hooking up again.

Source: TVLine

Source: TVLine

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